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AFS Logicwall® and AFS Rediwall® are permanent formwork walling systems for basements, penthouses and everything in between.

AFS products help make multi-residential structures go up quicker. Much quicker.

Logicwall® and rediwall® walling systems are solutions for above and below ground, inside and out.

They have become the first-choice for builders wanting rapid installation, consistently high quality and a long-life alternative to the slower conventional walling methods.

Used in thousands of projects, logicwall® and rediwall® wall systems help you control costs and schedules without sacrificing standards.


Fibre cement- permanent formwork for above-ground building applications – blade walls, façade walls, party walls, corridor walls, boundary walls, balustrades and lift and stair walls. Shop drawn, manufactured, installed, core filled – walls don’t require oversheeting.


PVC permanent formwork for below-ground and selected above ground construction applications – basements, party walls, columns, retention tanks, retaining walls, foundation walls, service and stormwater pits. Simply install panels by hand, no training required, brace, and core-fill. Features a high quality, low maintenance finish.

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