AFS Logicwall® permanent formwork wall installation

To ensure the highest quality installation of logicwall® in your project AFS strongly recommends you only engage AFS Certified installers to undertake installation.

AFS Logicwall® Certified Installers are regularly audited to ensure they are fully trained in the construction methodology of our afs logicwall® product. At the conclusion of the audit process our recommended installers are issued with a Certificate of Installation confirming that their practices conform with our recommended installation of the product.

Our logicwall® certified installers include:

Installers NSW

Installers NSW

Installers NSW

Installers Wollongong & South Coast

Installers QLD

Installers SA


For further information in relation to the installation of logicwall® please contact AFS today.



Following set out, logicwall® panels are hand lifted into place over a steel floor track and starter bars

Reo and services

The panels are braced using adjustable braces, then plumbed and straightened. Horizontal and vertical reinforcement steel and electrical services are run in the walls.

Core filling

The panels are then core filled by pumping concrete, usually performed from the formed deck of the next slab or off a scaffold.

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