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Architects, engineers, builders and developers are always on the lookout for a more efficient means of construction. Even when using conventional construction methods there can be restrictions – lack of design flexibility, excess handling costs associated with cranes and other machinery, and standard methods for creating deep beams and load-bearing structures.

Innovative design, enabled by an innovative material

Architects are faced with many challenges, particularly with conventional building materials. Often they are restricted with size, shape and feature options.

AFS Logicwall® and AFS Rediwall® open up a range of options for a project. And maximising floor space isn’t an issue – AFS wall panels come in a range of wall thicknesses which can allow for that little bit of extra floor space on the plan – all whilst offering the highest quality finish. If you’re an architect, find out more about what AFS’ products can do for your design requirements here.

Structural integrity that complies

As an engineer, you can be faced with the challenge of finding a client an efficient whilst economical construction solution. It’s your reputation on the line, and the information you provide can be the difference between the realisation of a developer’s or architect’s requirements. You’re looking for compliant structural integrity, with high levels of fire and acoustic performance combined with flexibility whilst demonstrating cost and structural efficiencies.

AFS wall panels are load-bearing, and act as both the building’s wall and a deep beam structure. They offer efficient slabs through simple one way spans reducing slab thicknesses, efficient transfers within walls whilst reducing transfer slabs, and offer a reduced structural footprint.

The walls take the load safely, leaving room for better things on the plan. If you’re an engineer, find out more about AFS permanent formwork and their engineering applications here.

Build efficiency with AFS

Precast construction has changed the construction industry drastically, reducing build and labour times and the costs associated with it. AFS take these concepts a lot further. AFS’ lightweight panels not only allow for a reduced need for crane-dependant handling – they are also able to be quickly and easily installed by a team of as little three men.

If you’re a builder, contractor or developer, see how easy building with AFS can be, while significantly reducing your construction costs.

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