Ascot Apartments, Rosehill NSW
Conventional walling proves too slow against LOGICWALL®

State: NSW

Nucorp Constructions looked to minimise construction time on their substantial Rosehill project but were not willing to sacrifice durability or quality to achieve it. And, as the build-quality was to be a key factor in marketing the apartments, they chose AFS as a supplier with a tried and tested solution: LOGICWALL®.

In using LOGICWALL® throughout Ascot Apartments, NuCorp reduced installation times on every floor by two days—something they readily admit was well beyond conventional walling methods.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Right from the outset, our Rosehill project was designed in AFS LOGICWALL® for the potential time savings. And LOGICWALL® proved to be a quick, effective alternative to conventional building methods, due to the ease and speed of installation coupled with the clean finished product. LOGICWALL® sped up our building program and saved two days per floor so AFS was a smart choice.” STEVEN MAROUN, DIRECTOR, NUCORP CONSTRUCTIONS

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