88 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW
Many, many walls with a lot less cranage

State: NSW

Our customer says…

A reputation as solid as the walls
“TQM Design & Construct’s 20-year reputation for meeting deadlines, budgets and the highest quality saw them selected to construct Luxcon Group’s largest (to date) multi-residential development: the MBA award-winner ‘88 Kensington’.
As an industry-leader TQM chooses its products carefully which, for managing director Maroun Taouk, means using afs rediwall® and afs logicwall® systems.
“TQM works with the most innovative structural systems, materials and methods,” explains Maroun. “Since 2002 we have utilised AFS walling because of the versatility, easy materials handling, fast installation and, importantly, both systems significantly reduce cranage and therefore cost.”
Maroun Taouk, Co-founder & Managing Director, TQM Design & Construct

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