The Pascoe, Pascoe Vale VIC
LOGICWALL® goes up while helping keep costs down

State: VIC

Regardless of how complex a project is, Better Living Group maintain the same attention to detail and quality. So they were thrilled with how AFS LOGICWALL® met their expectations while slashing construction times.

They chose LOGICWALL® over time-consuming block work as it offered a rapid install with fast floor cycles. In fact, The Pascoe project was completed structurally in just 10 and a half months. And, together with significantly easier materials handling, LOGICWALL® contributed substantially to cost efficiency.
This was Better Living Group’s first use of LOGICWALL® but it clearly won’t be their last.

Don’t just take our word for it

“After many years using core filled block walls we used AFS LOGICWALL® for the first time on The Pascoe project. We were very impressed at the speed of installation, the expertise behind the shop drawing service, efficiency of manufacturing and delivery.

LOGICWALL® achieved considerable cost-saving in wastage, cranage, time and finishing. Having used AFS walls as the finished surface on all public areas and rendered the external facade, we have been converted.” Silvio Mazzei, Director, BETTER LIVING GROUP

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