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The economical prefabricated building materials alternative for architects

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Inspiring design innovation

Architects worldwide need a point of difference to be recognised, like any profession. But often the plans that are developed or come from a CAD design can be limited by a lack of partnerships with innovative building materials manufacturers, especially when commissioned by a client to design a structure whilst keeping the developers’ costs down.

But what if innovation, efficiency and value for the client could be achieved hand-in-hand, whilst still using prefabricated building materials?

This is where afs logicwall® and afs rediwall® come in.

As compliant, lightweight load-bearing permanent formwork, these ground-breaking products are available in a range of panel thicknesses and are suitable for a variety of applications. And with their high quality finish they are sure to impress even the most fastidious client.


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our products

Maximise floor space, from basements to penthouses and everything in between.

AFS' two core products bring time and cost-saving efficiencies to building projects through being lightweight, load bearing and versatile with easy manual handling, and are fully compliant.

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Fibre cement permanent formwork for above-ground building applications - blade walls, facade walls, party walls, corridor walls, boundary walls, balustrades and lift and stair walls. Shop drawn, manufactured, installed, core filed - walls don't require oversheeting.

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PVC permanent formwork for below-ground and selected above ground construction applications - basements, party walls, columns, retention tanks, retaining walls, foundation walls, service and stormwater pits. Simply install panels by hand, no training required, brace, and core-fill. Features a high quality, low maintenance finish.

More floor, from wall to wall

To compete, an architect’s point of difference in design skill must also coincide with better value for their client. In turn, a builder or developer is looking for value for their purchasers, as properties as an investment are judged by every square metre available. Up until recently, prefabricated building materials have been, whilst keeping construction costs down, bulky in their nature, with very little flexibility for aesthetic flair.

afs logicwall® has married construction efficiency, load-bearing requirements and the possibility of maximising floor space, all of which complies with NCC standards for fire and acoustic ratings for an inter tenancy wall.

This means more apartments, properties or tenancies per development project, which can be occupied in close quarters without any concerns of excessive neighbourly noise or the worry of easily-spread fires.


Looking great, logically

The final finishing stage of internal or external walls built with afs logicwall® or afs rediwall® is where your client will thank you for partnering with AFS.

Internally, once afs logicwall® is core-filled and taped, it can be easily finished with an acrylic set-render for a Level-4 finish that is normally associated with plastering techniques – without the plastering.

Externally, the same process applies, with taping and set-rendering with acrylic render.

And afs rediwall® with its clean, even and water resistant surface doesn’t require any finishing for below ground applications.

All the tools, knowledge and know how

AFS provides you with everything you need to design in AFS via their Resource Centre, a series of comprehensive guides which cover properties, applications, specification, performance, certification, standard details, internal and external finishing complete with BIM and CAD files.


Team up with AFS for success

To find out more about the architectural advantages of using afs logicwall® or afs rediwall® permanent formwork, contact AFS today.



Architects More floor from wall to wall
Architects Looking great logically
Architects More floor from wall to wall
Architects Looking great logically