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Professional services

As one of Australia’s leading permanent formwork companies, AFS offer the developer, builder or architect standard services that help to enhance the efficiency provided by afs logicwall® and afs rediwall® products.

When choosing AFS for your construction project, you can rest assured that you are gaining expert advice on your structure from our design team of industry professionals and the peace of mind of having them recommend only specially-trained AFS-approved installers.

Structure comparisons

Could your structures be more efficient? We can show you how.
Structures are being made more efficient when logicwall® is specified. Engineers are choosing logicwall® to make substantial savings in both materials and overall structure costs for their clients. And this is achieved without compromising the structural integrity of a project.
More and more professionals are looking to AFS rather than standard formwork companies for advice on how its logicwall® and rediwall® products can be incorporated into their projects.

Getting started with AFS

And we’re well placed to provide advice, so why not let our in-house design team of structural engineers, quantity surveyors and estimators undertake an obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project.

The design team will illustrate how logicwall® can improve structural efficiencies whilst lowering construction costs for your projects through:

  • More efficient transfers within walls
  • Significantly better transfer slabs
  • Smaller structural footprints
  • Greater efficiency in load-bearing walls
  • Reduced cranage and materials handling
  • Reduced project program from speed of construction
  • To arrange your obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project, contact AFS today.

Only use AFS Certified or recommended installers for your peace of mind



To ensure the highest quality installation of logicwall® in your project AFS strongly recommends you only engage AFS Certified installers to undertake installation.

AFS Logicwall® Certified Installers are regularly audited to ensure they are fully trained in the construction methodology of our afs logicwall® product. At the conclusion of the audit process our recommended installers are issued with a Certificate of Installation confirming that their practices conform with our recommended installation of the product.


Rediwall® is a simple easy-to-use system with precision extruded components that either snap in or slide into place for rapid assembly. So easy is the system to use that installation can be undertaken without the need for any training.

However, should the need arise AFS is able to provide advice on recommended rediwall® installers and formworkers.

For further information in relation to recommended logicwall® or rediwall® installers please contact AFS today.