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Our digital tools help our partners and customers push the boundaries of what is possible in building. From selecting the right system for your project to understanding the thermal qualities of your walls, roof and floors, we empower confident decision-making throughout the construction journey. Tap into CSR’s depth and breadth of knowledge for your next project.

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Search for the right building system for your project with CSR System Selector. Through a user-friendly interface, you’ll have access to over 20,000 solutions. Backed by CSR, you can be assured of the highest level of quality, performance and compliance, and that you’re covered from concept to warranty.

AFS System Code Changes
CSR’s new System Selector tool gives you access to a wider range of building system solutions across multiple building types using a combination of CSR’s range of products. As part of this new tool, existing AFS System Codes have changed. The existing system code prefix “AFS…” has been updated with a new prefix “CSR3…”.

AFS External Wall System – Logicwall® System + Steel Stud
Previous System Code = AFS1103
New System Code = CSR31103

Searching for the right system with CSR System Selector is easier than ever before. If you need help finding the system you’re looking for, get in touch with our team on +1300727237 or submit an enquiry here.

Thermal performance you can rely one.

CSR Thermal Calculator generates thermal performance calculations for your wall, roof and floor systems, ensuring you meet your targets. It does this while providing the flexibility to experiment with different system configurations. You will have peace of mind that the calculations will be compliant to the relevant Australian Standards, and the outcome will be performance you can rely on.