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AFS is committed to delivering products and manufacturing processes which are both innovative and environmentally responsible. The company has invested in and implemented systems to target recycling of raw products—particularly with the use of galvanised steel and timber packaging of products.


The AFS Logicwall® system is a monolithic concrete barrier with inherent features which greatly assist the designer in maximising thermal mass and air-tightness.

The BCA recognises the benefits of thermal capacities (mass) and provides concessions for heavyweight walls such as those incorporating AFS Logicwall®.

Heavy mass delays the transfer of outdoor temperature variations, improving indoor comfort. The concrete construction of Logicwall® walls provide thermal mass barriers to external elements. This increases comfort for occupants and also reduces heating/cooling costs, while improving the acoustic performance of external walls against outside noise.

As Logicwall® is a uniform concrete monolithic mass, air filtration is practically zero which eliminates external drafts and currents and contributes significantly to a building’s thermal insulation.


The PVC Stewardship Program (administered by the Vinyl Council of Australia and independently audited) is an on-going, long-term, voluntary undertaking by the Australian PVC industry to recognise, and progressively address, relevant environmental, health and safety issues along the PVC product life-cycle within responsible, deliverable timeframes.

AFS has Silver status in this program, which focusses on five key themes associated with the PVC life-cycle:

  • Best Practice Manufacturing
  • Safe and Sustainable Use of Additives
  • Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Transparency and Engagement

As a signatory to the stewardship program AFS is committed to manufacture and supply sustainable solutions to the building industry in an environmentally responsible manner.


Recycling AFS Rediwall®

AFS is committed to the manufacture and supply of sustainable solutions to the building industry in an environmentally responsible manner.
Besides offering cut to length panels to minimise waste, we have also commissioned TechPlas to improve how we recycle AFS Rediwall® materials in NSW.

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Materials & Manufacturing
No hazard to manufacturing staff or users of finished product

Creates a 30>% load reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to pre-cast concrete made from Portland cement

Transporting & Installing
Modular design ensures energy efficient loading and installation

pvc stewardship

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