Maximise floor space below and above ground

Build basements, columns, walls, retention tanks and more.

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AFS Rediwall® is a versatile permanent formwork system for below and above ground wall applications. Its innovative system is made of prefabricated, high-quality panels and interconnecting components that simply snap or slide into place.

AFS Rediwall® is a tough, low-maintenance load bearing reinforced concrete solution which can cut your installation times in half (compared to traditional masonry and blockwork methods).

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Backed by CSR


Certified Australian-made

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CodeMark Certified

GEC Claim Authenticated mark 2

GECA Claim Authenticated

pvc stewardship

Certified Silver

Certified and compliant

CodeMark Certified, National Construction Code (NCC) compliant and meets all relevant requirements for structural, load bearing reinforced concrete walls designed in accordance with the (AS3600-2018) Concrete Structures Code, and achieving a fire rating upto FRL 240/240/240. GECA authenticated for Best Practice PVC and is a signatory to the Vinyl Council of Australia’s PVC Stewardship Program.

Versatile and innovative

Offers an industry-leading range with six profile widths in one solution, suitable for almost any internal or external walling, columns or pit/tank application.

Reliable and load bearing

Proven for multi-level structures both above and below ground with simple single and double reinforcement options available.

Simple and rapid installation

Lightweight panels easily snap or slide into place using a quick and efficient install method, with no crane or specialty equipment required.

Customisable with fast delivery

Stock orders can be delivered in up to 2 business days in NSW, ACT, VIC & QLD and up to 4 business days in SA. Cut-to-length orders can be delivered in up to 6 business days in NSW & ACT and 8 business days in QLD, VIC & SA.

Low maintenance

Offers a consistently even, water-resistant and durable surface with a superior semi-gloss finish.


An innovative walling system for above and below ground applications




Multi Residential








Aged Care



Multi-residential internal and external walling, easier materials handling, quicker completions

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Six profile widths in one walling solution

110mm 156mm 200mm 256mm 275mm 300mm
Wall thickness Concrete 0.105m3/m2 Concrete 0.150m3/m2 Concrete 0.194m3/m2 Concrete 0.250m3/m2 Concrete 0.269m3/m2 Concrete 0.294m3/m2
Accoustic rating Rw 50
Rw + Ctr 45
Rw 54
Rw + Ctr 50
Rw 58
Rw + Ctr 53
Rw 60
Rw + Ctr 55
Rw 61
Rw + Ctr >56
Rw 61
Rw + Ctr >56

Fire resistance FRL


Upto 90/90/90 (Load bearing)
~120/120 (Non load bearing)
240/240/240 240/240/240 240/240/240 240/240/240 240/240/240
Panel type Speedy Snap-In™ Panels Speedy Snap-In™ Panels Speedy Snap-In™ Panels Slide-In Panels Slide-In Panels Slide-In Panels


Achieve a variety of compliant solutions with our wide range of accessories

pilliar 3@2x
pilliar 2@2x
Curve Panel

Integrating seamlessly into the RW200 interlocking panel system allowing for total wall design flexibility. Easy to install, panels have a minimum curve radius of 0.5-metres, come in a 15-degree segment panels , are available in heights of 3m and 3.6m, and are finished in the standard rediwall® colour. 

Vertical Bar Locator (VBL)

The AFS Rediwall® Vertical Bar Locator (VBL) allows for a more streamlined installation process, making the insertion of reinforcement bars quicker, easier and more efficient, with more accurate concrete coverage.

Ezy-Fit™ Corners

A three-piece PVC panel that forms a corner between walls meeting at 90 degrees. Designed to allow for removal of the outside 90-degree corner cap for easy placement and inspection of internal reinforcement. Cap is refitted for concrete filling. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system. *Available for 110mm, 156mm and 200mm.

Female/Female Joiners

Female-to-female joiners are used for joining two male ends, particularly useful at a 90-degree corner. It is recommended to use one female/female joiner panel for each 90-degree corner.

Female/Female Panel

An extruded PVC panel used to adjust the length of a wall. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system. Used primarily close to the end of a wall. The female/female panel has two internal webs with kidney shaped holes for single, or double reo bar placement which can be easily changed by inverting the panel. Ideal for blade columns.


H-Joiners are slide together PVC extruded panels primarily used horizontally on external walls. They are laid along the straightened top of panels to act as a bottom track for the next level of panels to be installed. H-Joiners can also be used vertically as a wall make-up piece and can be slid into a gap in the wall of 50mm or less and screw fixed to adjoining panels.


A slide together PVC extruded panel primarily used horizontally on external walls where an edge-form slab is to be formed. It is laid along the straightened top of the panels to act as a bottom track for the next level of panels and to assist with the edge-form preparation.


A PVC extruded panel that is fixed vertically to the face of a through wall to start a T-Wall, where the T-Wall is close to 90 degrees. T-Joiners have holes in the face to assist alignment when drilling the through wall for reo bar placement. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system.

Floor Track

The PVC floor track and floor angles are used to set the bottom line of the wall. Laid flat, the floor track has large holes to accommodate for starter bars. The sides are used for both locating and screw fixing to the bottom of panels.

End Caps

PVC end caps or fibre cement strips are used for capping off wall ends and openings. A PVC slide on connection with a 30mm side for fixing with screws or glue is able to be installed before or after the wall is filled, they must be propped when filling, if a flat end is required.


NEW Rediwall® 200 Curve Panel – the new shape in permanent formwork.

Combining functionality with style to deliver a simple solution for on-trend curves.

Easy to install, panels have a minimum curve radius of 0.5-metres, come in a 15-degree segment panels, are available in heights of 3m and 3.6m, and are finished in the standard rediwall® colour. 

Rediwall is CodeMark certified to the NCC to provide peace of mind for you and your customers.

Designed to be used with the rediwall® 200 panels, the Curve Panel is available in lengths of 3.0m and 3.6m.

Convenient panel size and radius
Available for the RW200 profile, in 3m and 3.6m panel heights, with a 15-degree segment panels to create tight curved walls down to as small as 0.5-metre radius. 

Rediwall is CodeMark certified to the National Construction Code (NCC), and meets the relevant requirements for structural, load bearing reinforced concrete walls designed in accordance with the (AS3600-2018) Concrete Structures Code and achieving a fire rating up to FRL 240/240/240.  

Integrated system
Seamless integration into the RW200 interlocking panel system allowing for total wall design flexibility. 
Fast solution
Delivered to site ready to install, there’s no cutting or drilling required, resulting in less on-site preparation.
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New AFS Rediwall® Blade Columns offer more benefits than ever before

Optimised for buildings of up to eight storeys, with mixed framing or column frame structural arrangements, the revolutionary new AFS Rediwall® Blade Columns can be used by designers to increase efficiencies and help minimise construction costs.

Advanced Blade Column Design
AFS Rediwall® blade columns provide a simplified Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) AS3600-2018 compliant solution utilising standard end U-bars in lieu of closed ligatures or intermediate ties.
Architectural flexibility
Advanced design methodology offers greater architectural flexibility by combining walls, columns, blades, and cores to help maximise lettable area.
Build cost reductions

  • No additional on-site trades required
  • Faster completion time
  • No need for custom reinforcement
  • No need for specialised column bracing
  • No need to crane formwork or reinforcement into place
Ease of installation

  • No requirement for base ligature
  • No pre-installation of starter bar ligatures
  • Compatible with standard U-bars
  • Compatible with the AFS Vertical Bar Locator (VBL) system
  • Ease of inspection with open end caps

Fire rated junctions are now easier than ever

The new range of AFS Rediwall® fire junction solutions allow for connection to various wall types without the need to remove the PVC facing. These solutions not only help to reduce costs and speed up installation, but also allow for greater versatility in design.

Fire tested and assessed to AS1530.4 – 2014 for easy integration with various fire rated systems including:

  • CSR Gyprock Fyrchek
  • CSR Gyprock Shaft Liner Panel
  • CSR Hebel
  • Concrete and concrete masonry wall systems


Take a walk through our latest projects

AFS Rediwall® offers design flexibility for a variety of applications.

Browse through the AFS Design Resources below or contact us for more information.

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AFS Rediwall® Design Performance & Compliance Guide

Compliance Assured

AFS Rediwall® PVC permanent formwork is compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standard, AS3600-2018 for reinforced concrete structures.

Environmental Performance

AFS Rediwall® is GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified to comply with Best Practice PVC. In accordance with the GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) PVC guideline.

AFS Rediwall® is a Silver Status member of the PVC Stewardship Program (administered by the Vinyl Council of Australia and independently audited) which is an on-going, long-term, voluntary undertaking by the Australian PVC industry to recognise and progressively address, relevant environmental, health and safety issues along the PVC product life-cycle within responsible, deliverable timeframes.

The program focusses on five key themes associated with the PVC life cycle:

  • Best practice manufacturing
  • Safe and sustainable use of additives
  • Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management
  • Resource efficiency
  • Transparency and engagement

As a signatory to the stewardship program, AFS is committed to the manufacture and supply of sustainable solutions to the building industry in an environmentally responsible manner. To recycle any AFS Rediwall® products please drop off the items at the following locations in each state:

  • NSW Centre: 110 Airds Rd, Minto NSW 2566
  • ACT Centre: 8 Lockyer St, Goulburn NSW 2580
  • QLD Centre: 1 Radon St, Narangba QLD 4504
GEC Claim Authenticated mark 2

CodeMark® Certification

Download AFS Rediwall® CodeMark® Certificate of Conformity - CM30107 Rev5

CodeMark® is an ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board) third-party building product certification scheme authorising the use of new and innovative products.

Products can only achieve CodeMark certification if compliance is confirmed to the NCC (also known as the Building Code of Australia or BCA).

A detailed CodeMark Certificate of Conformity is issued for meeting the ‘evidence of suitability’ requirements of the NCC 2019 A1. afs rediwall® has achieved CodeMark Certification confirming performance for:

  • Fire resistance
  • Structural stability (AS3600)
  • Thermal and acoustic
  • Weatherproofing
  • Bushfire provisions (Bushfire Attack Levels – BAL)
  • Termite resistance
CodeMark AFS Rediwall Colour AUSTRALIA 30107

Structural (AS3600)

AFS Rediwall® is a structural, load bearing reinforced concrete wall designed in accordance with (AS3600-2018) Concrete Structures Code.

Fire Compliance

Expert assessment based on extensive fire testing of afs rediwall® for both internal and external application confirms compliance to the following NCC performance requirements:

  • CP1 – Structural stability
  • CP2 – Spread of fire
  • CP3 – Spread of fire and smoke, patient/aged care buildings
  • CP4 – Materials and assemblies
  • CP7 – Emergency equipment
  • CP8 – Openings and penetrations

AFS Rediwall® has also been fire tested to:

  • AS5113/BS8414 Façade test – passes in flame spread, temperature rise, no flaming on all unexposed sides, and debris
  • AS5637.1 (ISO 9705) Reaction to fire – Group Number 1, SMOGRA 20.4 (<100)
  • AS1530.4 FRL – refer below
  • AS1530.3 Fire hazard properties – ignitability index 0, spread of flame index, 0 heat evolved index 0, and smoke developed index 6
  • AS3837 Cone calorimeter – Group Number 1, ASEA 226 (<250)

FRL (Fire Resistance Level) Performance (to AS1530.4)

AFS Rediwall® Max. FRL
RW 110 90/90/90
RW 156 240/240/240
RW 200 240/240/240
RW 256 240/240/240
RW 275 240/240/240
RW 300 240/240/240

Water Resistance

Recognising the importance of resistance to water penetration, testing has been undertaken whereby Rediwall® panels were interlocked, core-filled with concrete and exposed to 6m hydrostatic head of pressure for a period of 100 hours as per ASTM E514/E514M and AS/NZS 4347.1 testing and passed for no water penetration.

Tested and certified by CSIRO:

  • ASTM E514/E514M-14a Water penetration leakage through masonry – Pass
  • AS/NZS 4347.1-1995 Determination of water permeability – Pass

Our team can help you with a quick take-off or a full estimation.

Features Quick Take-Off*

Full Estimate


Walls scoped and marked up by AFS Account/Sales Manager
Walls scoped and marked up by AFS Estimators for Quantity Surveyor
BOQ produced panels and accessories
Supply quote produced (to Builder)
Installer quote produced
Turnaround time 12 – 24 Hours 4 Business Days (priority service and revisions) – 6 Business Days (standard service)

* State AFS Rediwall® supply rates are to be applied by Account/Sales Managers based on BOQ summary breakdown provided by Quick Take Off

Delivered straight to site.

Stock and custom-length delivered:

Ex Stock Orders (placed before 12pm)  2 days 2 days 4 days
Custom Orders (placed before 12pm) Up to 6 days Up to 8 days Up to 8 days

Build easily with AFS Rediwall® permanent PVC construction formwork

Strong, fast and ready

For architects, engineers, builders or developers, it is important to build client trust in today’s fast-moving construction industry by keeping costs down and meeting deadlines.
Prefabricated construction has helped erect buildings faster than ever, but even this solution comes with its handling costs. These can easily blow out a project’s budget with the need to use a tower crane just to lift the panels into place. However, with AFS Rediwall® you can save on handling costs, with lightweight panels that are easily lifted into place by hand and components that either snap-in or slide together and lock into position.

Step 01 : Floor track

Installation of afs rediwall® begins with the installation of the floor track or floor angle.

Step 02 : Panel installation

Installation of components usually starts at a corner. A corner panel is installed with a few standard panels (and joiners if required) which are erected at each side of the corner. The corner is then braced and checked to ensure that it is plumb prior to proceeding. These PVC construction formwork modules double as the form for concrete core-filling and provide support/locate the reinforcement bar to achieve the correct cover.

Step 03 : Wall Construction

Installation proceeds along the wall to the next corner by vertically sliding (256mm, 275mm and 300mm panels) or horizontally snapping (110mm, 156mm and 200mm panels) the adjacent components together. The components are placed tight into the floor track or against the floor angle on the foundation or slab and are braced.

Step 04 : Reinforcement Bar Installation

Slide the horizontal reinforcement bars through the rediwall® profile in accordance with the project engineer’s design. Vertical reinforcement bar should then be placed vertically into the rediwall® profile, weaving between alternate horizontal bars. AFS Vertical Bar Locators (VBLs) and alignment bars may also be installed at this time to assist with the location and installation of vertical reinforcement bars. See the afs rediwall® Installation Guide for further details.

Step 05 : Bracing
afs rediwall® requires temporary bracing for lateral stability prior and during the concrete core fill.

Step 06: Concrete core fill

After the installation process is complete and bracing is secured, the panels are core filled with concrete, using a boom pump. The concrete mix must be as per AFS’ recommended Rediwall® Mix Design Specification.

Once the concrete has cured, the walls are now ready to perform as a load bearing structure for the next floor slab or roof assembly.

Step 07: An already-finished substrate
The bright and clean surface of afs rediwall® panels offers a serviceable, low maintenance finish that, for internal wall applications such as carpark basements, does not require further treatment. The finished panels may be painted, rendered or finished with Gyprock to achieve the perfect look for your project.

AFS is there to support you every step of the way with industry leading sales and after sales support services.

As one of Australia’s leading permanent formwork companies, we offer a range of professional services that help to enhance the efficiency provided by AFS Rediwall® products including:

  • Technical and after sales support
  • Complimentary product and installation training
  • Thermal imaging inspection service
  • Free onsite inspections

Our in-house design team of structural engineers and estimators can undertake an obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project.

We can show how AFS Rediwall® is able to improve structural efficiencies whilst lowering construction costs for your projects through:

  • More efficient transfers within walls
  • Significantly better transfer slabs
  • Smaller structural footprints
  • Greater efficiency in load-bearing walls
  • Reduced cranage and materials handling
  • Reduced project program from speed of construction

To arrange your obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project, contact AFS today.