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External Walls and PVC Permanent Formwork – Fire Compliance

After recent devastating fires associated with external walls in hi-rise buildings, authorities are understandably concerned with building fire safety and how external walls may best protect occupants from a fire.

Internal Walls and PVC Permanent Formwork – Fire Compliance

Building Regulatory Authorities around the world have been introducing new fire safety measures to strengthen fire regulations and compliance protocols in Building Codes. Australia is no different with numerous amendments to the Fire provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) being introduced in recent years.

PVC Permanent Formwork – misconceptions and compliance

With recent media attention on the construction industry due to the use of non-compliant building products, the spotlight is clearly focussed on building compliance, increasing scrutiny on building professionals to ensure the solutions they’re specifying, designing, and installing are compliant and will be accepted by building certifiers and building surveyors alike.

Technical report highlights good fire performance of PVC

Source: Vinyl Council Australia

PVC used in windows and building products has proven performance benefits in the event of fire due to its inherent flame retardancy, that will not cause, support or enhance the development of fire. Sophi MacMillan, Chief Executive of the Vinyl Council of Australia analyses the latest technical guidance on PVC fire safety.

CodeMark – a framework for compliant building solutions

Compliant building solutions are what all building professionals strive for… but there has been a recent history of buildings in Australia that have unfortunately had non-conforming and non-compliant building systems used and this trend has garnered the kind of public attention that no building professional wants.

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