Lightweight concrete panels by AFS: The engineer’s choice

Your consultation services, reinforced with AFS

As a structural engineer, the effectiveness of your role in the construction process is established by how well your recommendations contribute to the realisation of client expectations and architects’ design requirements. The engineer is the problem solver.

An open and innovative approach to a project’s needs is what will set you apart in order to be commissioned for future projects. This includes offering advice on construction materials such as lightweight concrete panels that save money and time, as well as maintain structure load-bearing properties with little site waste.

AFS’ products bring innovation to the table with afs rediwall® and afs logicwall®, the ground-breaking permanent formwork systems.

Main benefits of logicwall®

  • Features a range of single or double reinforcement carriers
  • High structural capacity with reduction in wall footprint
  • Flexibility, compatible with a broad range of floor systems
  • Efficient slabs through simple one way spans reducing slab thickness.
  • Efficient transfers within walls reducing transfer slabs
  • Reduced structure costs
  • Speed and ease of design and specification
  • Project program efficiencies from speed of construction
  • Reduced cranage and site handling
  • Reduced onsite waste
  • Solid reinforced concrete inter-tenancy walls
  • Higher lettable footprint space
  • Acoustic and fire rating exceeding NCC requirements

Sharing the load

Traditionally-engineered structures have used the column frame technique for hundreds of years for building support and for load distribution. However, today there is a more efficient way to engineer structures. With today’s increasing demands for investment value for every square metre built, you need to come up with smart solutions for accommodating an architect’s endeavours to maximise internal space.

Logicwall® in particular, is a product that is load-bearing which also functions as its own deep beam transfer structure in one, eliminating the costly need for including separate deep beam structures and columns for building integrity.

This inbuilt engineering allows the architect to design larger column-free open spans such as modern living spaces, entertainment and dining venues and car parks. Does the architect have a great idea for window design? Accommodate the most adventurous designs for large windows, too, with previously difficult large window construction easily achieved with custom-shaped lightweight concrete panels, without the need for structural steel lintels.

Wall thicknesses – single and double reo options

Each product model in the logicwall® range accommodates solutions for different-functioning structures. From single reo (120mm thick) walls to double reo (262mm thick) products, everything from external facades to lift shafts, shear walls and columns can be constructed – all load-bearing.

In fact, most internal and external applications are available to the engineer, such as:

  • Transfer walls
  • Deep beams
  • Heavily loaded shear walls
  • External façade
  • Blade walls
  • Party walls
  • Blade columns
  • Corridor walls
  • Balustrades
  • Lift shafts
  • Stair shafts

All the tools, knowledge and know how

AFS provides you with everything you need to design in AFS via their Design Toolbox, a series of comprehensive guides which cover properties, applications, specification, performance, certification, standard details, internal and external finishing complete with BIM and CAD files.

Engineer the best results via an AFS structure scheme and cost comparison

Our in-house design team of engineers, quantity surveyors and estimators are able to undertake an obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project. Our team of industry professionals will undertake a review of your project and illustrate how you can attract significant savings by incorporating AFS into your structure.

Engineer the best results with AFS

If you’re an engineer, and you’d like to know more about how you can provide the best consultation to your clients with logicwall® and rediwall®, contact AFS today.