A smarter way to build structural walls.

Build compliant facades, party walls, balustrades, lift shafts, stair cores and more with this fibre cement based reinforced concrete permanent formwork solution.

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AFS Logicwall® is a fibre cement permanent formwork solution for internal and external concrete walling above-ground. Ideal for a myriad of multi-residential and commercial applications.

AFS Logicwall® is a system that provides load-bearing, fire and sound rated walls that can be tailored to suit most architectural and engineering demands.

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Certified Australian-made

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CodeMark Certified


A quick construction and engineered solution in one

Each panel incorporates the functions of permanent sacrificial formwork, framework, and hard-wearing finish in one fast-to-erect solution. Once core filled with reinforced concrete it provides a structural load bearing walling system.

Certified and compliant

Tested and assessed by recognised peak Australian NATA registered test laboratories and major engineering consultancies, AFS Logicwall® can be shown to meet all critical building performance requirements.
For added peace of mind AFS Logicwall® is CodeMark Certified reinforcing that it complies with the relevant requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) and confirms suitability for use in all NCC Class 1–10 buildings.

Minimal labour and handling

Reduce the costs of labour and handling, with lightweight AFS Logicwall® panels. There’s no need for cranes to install the panels. As individual panels can be erected by hand. Panels are then core-filled with easy-flow concrete in accordance with AFS Logicwall® concrete mix design specification.

Waste management

Our shop-drawn and custom-made-to measure AFS Logicwall® panels and delivered to site ready for installation, saving on waste and offcut disposal costs. The result is a massive reduction in onsite preparatory work, which drastically reduces the expense of skip bins, material waste and waste removal.

Quick delivery

Delivered in cut to measure lengths, AFS Logicwall® can be delivered to site within 8 business days of shop drawing approval.

Ready to finish

Eliminate the added expense of constructing stud and plasterboard finishing. AFS Logicwall® doubles as an excellent hard-wearing substrate for applied finishes such as skim coating, rendering, and painting.
If you’re looking for the most effective multi-application cost-saving permanent formwork for reinforced concrete walls, contact AFS today.


Customised panels to suit your projects




Multi Residential








Aged Care

Stair shafts

  • Ideal for installing reo-connecting bars into hollow panels before core-filling
  • Continues internal load-bearing to external blade walls for increased efficiency
  • Cost-effective and quick alternative to other methods
  • Double reinforcement carrier


  • Providing concealed slab edges where concrete walls for balustrades are specified
  • An ideal solution where clean straight lines are essential

Blade walls

  • Increased efficiency by continuing internal load bearing wall to external blade walls
  • Provides clean straight lines and excellent substrate for render finishes

Internal party walls and corridor walls

  • A standalone wall that is NCC compliant for structural, fire, and acoustic performance
  • A solid reinforced concrete wall offering security and quality for the occupant
  • Hard wearing durable substrate for finishing
  • Minimum thickness for space utilisation

Façade walls

  • Flat even surface for render finishes
  • Excellent fibre-cement substrate with water block technology

Boundary Walls

  • Ideal for difficult access for materials handling and finishing of walls
  • Substrate provides clean finish even in a raw state
Logicwall Stair Shaft
Logicwall Balustrades
Logicwall Blade walls
Logicwall Internal party walls and corridor walls
Logicwall Facade walls
Logicwall Boundary walls


Five panel profiles tailored to suit your requirements

AFS Logicwall® may be used in projects requiring load-bearing walling with high levels of fire and acoustic performance. It is available in a variety of thicknesses (120, 150, 162, 200 and 262mm) with a standard panel width of 1100mm.

Panels can be manufactured in any width from 200mm to 1100mm, and in any height from 2000 to 4200mm. Heights exceeding this can be supplied subject to a special order.

Wall type LW120
Single reinforcement
Single reinforcement
Single reinforcement
Single reinforcement
Double reinforcement
Double reinforcement
Wall thickness 120mm 150mm 162mm 200mm 200mm 262mm
Filled wall mass 290kg/m2 360kg/m2 394kg/m2 480kg/m2 480kg/m2 630kg/m2
Application Enternal façades,
batten/sheet party walls, balus-trades
Enternal façades,
batten/sheet party walls, blade walls
Stand-alone party walls, external facades, blade walls Lift and stair shafts stand-alone party walls, blade walls Deep beams lift & stair shafts, shear walls, blade walls Shear walls, lift and stair shafts, blade wall
Acoustic rating (Rw)
Rw + Ctr
Max fire resistance level
Based on CSIRO testing
240/240/180++ 240/240/180++ 240/240/240+ 240/240/240+ 240/240/240+ 240/240/240+
Design axial capacities*
Based on AS3600-2018
320 kN/m~ 415 kN/m^ 555 kN/m^^ 870 kN/m^^^ 2055 kN/m# 3460 kN/m#

++ CSIRO testing, max fire load – 233 kN/m @ FI-FI = 3000mm
+ CSIRO testing, max fire load – 200 kN/m @FI-FI = 3000mm
~ Based on FI-FI = 2700mm, ecc < 0.05*tw’ k = 0.75, Hwe = 2025, f’c = 25 MPa, FRL 90/90/180
^ Based on FI-FI = 2700mm, ecc < 0.05*tw’ k = 0.75, Hwe = 2025, f’c = 32 MPa, FRL 90/90/180

^^ Based on FI-FI = 2700mm, ecc < 0.05*tw’ k = 0.75, Hwe = 2025, f’c = 32 MPa, FRL 120/120/240
^^^ Based on FI-FI = 2700mm, ecc < 0.05*tw’ k = 0.75, Hwe = 2025, f’c = 32 MPa, FRL 180/180/240
# Based on FI-FI = 2700mm, ecc < 0.05*tw’ k = 0.75, Hwe = 2025, f’c = 40 MPa, FRL 180/180/240
* Indicative capavities. Actual capacities to determined for specific wall location and design conditions.


Multi-residential internal and external walling, easier materials handling, quicker completions

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Prefabricated corner panel with factory installe horizontal reinforcing

Site-installed reinforcing to engineer;s specifications

Upper level starter bars to engineer’s specifications

Recessed sheet edges for invisible jointing

Internal/external coating systems (such as skim and texture coating, and paint finishes)

Horizontal reinforcing bars to engineer’s specifications

Assembles end cap at end of wall; blade wall panel for internal/external applications

Design, specify and build with AFS Logicwall®

AFS Logicwall® is the permanent formwork system that has changed the way architects and engineers approach prefabricated building design. A fully compliant deep-beam-functioning concrete walling system, AFS Logicwall® is ideal for a myriad of commercial interior and exterior applications.

Our System Specification Finder and Resource Centre have all of the resources required to get you started and our friendly Customer Service Team are always happy to help.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of those using and designing with AFS Systems such as Logicwall® and Rediwall®, including but not limited to builders, designers, consultants and engineers to ensure that the use/application of product is compliant with all relevant National Construction Code (NCC), Standards and local Authorities having jurisdiction requirements such as, but not limited to structural adequacy, acoustic, fire resistance / combustibility, thermal, and weather tightness provisions. Contact us should you require further clarification.

specify and build with afs logicwall


Access design guides, compliance documents and more for your building projects.

Our team can help you with a full estimation.

Features Full Estimate
Walls scoped and marked up by AFS Account/Sales Manager
Walls scoped and marked up by AFS Estimators for Quantity Surveyor
BOQ produced panels and accessories
Supply quote produced (to Builder)
Installer quote produced
Turnaround time 4 Business Days (priority service and revisions) –
6 Business Days (standard service)

AFS Logicwall® is delivered from our NSW site to you.

Delivered in cut to measure lengths, AFS Logicwall® can be delivered to site within 8 business days of shop drawing approval.

AFS Logicwall® permanent formwork wall installation

To ensure the highest quality installation of afs logicwall® in your project, engage AFS recommended installers.

AFS Logicwall® recommended installers are regularly audited and fully trained in the construction methodology of our afs logicwall® product. At the conclusion of the audit process, our recommended installers are issued with a Certification of Installation Conformity, confirming that their practices conform with our recommended installation of the product.


Following set out, AFS Logicwall® panels are hand lifted into place over a steel floor track and starter bars.

Reo and services

The panels are braced using adjustable braces, then plumbed and straightened. Simple single or double reinforcement options can be installed horizontally and vertically, and electrical services can be accommodated within the walls.

Core filling

The panels are then core filled by pumping concrete (in accordance with the AFS Logicwall concrete mix design specification), usually performed from the formed deck of the next slab or off a scaffold.

AFS is there to support you every step of the way with industry leading sales and after sales support services.

As one of Australia’s leading permanent formwork companies, we offer a range of professional services that help to enhance the efficiency provided by AFS Logicwall® products including:

  • Technical and after sales support
  • Professional certified installer network
  • Free thermal imaging inspection service

Our in-house design team of structural engineers and estimators can undertake an obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project.

AFS Logicwall® is able to improve structural efficiencies whilst lowering construction costs for your projects through:

  • Smaller structural footprints
  • Improved design efficiency
  • Eliminate onsite waste
  • Greater efficiency in load-bearing walls
  • Reduced cranage and materials handling
  • Reduced project program from speed of construction

To arrange your obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project, contact AFS today.