Logicwall® Overview

Logicwall® Benefits

AFS Logicwall® panels are delivered with shop-drawn accuracy and featuring corresponding labels for easy installation. They are load bearing but lightweight enough to enable manual installation.
The panels provide reliably flat, true surfaces to help deliver high quality finishes.

Logicwall® Applications

AFS Logicwall® is best used in projects requiring load-bearing walling with high levels of fire and acoustic performance. It is available in a variety of thicknesses (120, 150, 162, 200 and 262mm) with a standard panel width of 1100mm.
Panels can be manufactured in any width from 200mm to 1100mm, and in any height from 2000 to 4200mm. Heights exceeding this can be supplied subject to a special order.

Stair shafts

  • Ideal for installing reo-connecting bars into hollow panels before core-filling
  • Continues internal load-bearing to external blade walls for increased efficiency
  • Cost-effective and quick alternative to other methods
  • Double reinforcement carrier


  • Providing concealed slab edges where concrete walls for balustrades are specified
  • An ideal solution where clean straight lines are essential

Blade walls

  • Increased efficiency by continuing internal load bearing wall to external blade walls
  • Provides clean straight lines and excellent substrate for render finishes


Internal party walls and corridor walls

  • A standalone wall that is BCA Fire and Acoustic Performance Compliant
  • A solid concrete wall offering security and quality for the occupant
  • Hard wearing durable substrate for finishing
  • Minimum thickness for space utilisation


Façade walls

  • Flat even surface for render finishes
  • Excellent fibre-cement substrate with water block technology


Boundary walls

  • Ideal for difficult access for materials handling and finishing of walls
  • Substrate provides clean finish even in a raw state

A fast construction and engineering solution in one

Each panel incorporates the functions of permanent sacrificial formwork, framework, hard-wearing finish and deep beam transfer in one fast-to-erect solution.

During a construction project, it’s important to monitor efficiencies with time and expenditure. Add to this the pressure of deadlines and having to coordinate several trades, and even a project that utilises standard prefabricated materials can risk financial blowout due to excessive handling, construction times and structural engineering component inclusions.

As a manufacturer of revolutionary permanent formwork for concrete walls, AFS lead the market in efficient construction materials with afs logicwall®, the premier core-filled fibre cement construction module for building internal and external walls. Eliminating several costly factors, logicwall® is fast-becoming the prefab material of choice for structural engineers, architects, developers and builders.

One panel, full structural support

Engineers look to AFS Logicwall® for its ability to not only function as a wall and permanent formwork in one, but as a deep beam transfer panel. With this, an engineer can fulfil an architect’s plans of creating large open span spaces that require no column support, creating added valuable space in carparks, living areas and the like. Logicwall® is also compliant with AS3600 acoustic and fire ratings exceeding NCC requirements.

Minimal labour and handling

Don’t let the costs of handling and manpower eat into your project’s prosperity. After being shop-drawn and custom-made to plan in the AFS factory, Logicwall®’s lightweight nature means that upon delivery no tower cranes are required for lifting. And no other types of crane are required – individual panels can be erected by hand, after which they are core-filled with AFS’s specified easy-flow concrete mix.

Waste management

Builders can save waste and offcut disposal costs with AFS Formwork. Logicwall® modules are made to measure, and delivered to your site ready for installation. The result is a massive reduction in onsite preparatory work, which in turn drastically reduces expenses for skips and waste removal.

Full service delivered

Rather than relying on third-party transport providers, AFS Formwork also have their own logistics service, which means no waiting for availability – your logicwall® delivery is scheduled to seamlessly coincide with the design and manufacturing process, so that not a minute is wasted between manufacture completion and the earliest delivery date possible.

The big finish

Eliminate the added expense of constructing stud and plasterboard finishing. Logicwall® also doubles as an excellent hard-wearing substrate for applied finishes such as skim coating, acrylic render and paint.

If you’re looking for the most effective multi-application cost-saving permanent formwork for concrete walls, contact AFS today.

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