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With apartment and commercial building development demands rapidly expanding, it is becoming more important to make sure that construction deadlines are met and efficiency is maintained, whilst maintaining build quality. And minimising handling costs and site disruption is a bonus along with fast construction turnaround times, if you can achieve it. That’s why architects, engineers and builders and developers have chosen to utilise afs logicwall® and afs rediwall® in countless applications in thousands of projects across Australia. Take a look at just some of the projects that have chosen to partner with AFS. Or why not see what our customers had to say about their overall experience with utilising AFS on their projects.

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State: VIC

AFS Basements as seen on the Block
What lies beneath…

In 2021 The Block is going somewhere it has never been before – UNDERGROUND – with the help of AFS Rediwall® Construction at The Block building site always starts with a few surprises and this year was no different! In 2021, the renos began...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 0 m2 | Units: 0 | Storeys: 0
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Date added: 06/09/2021
State: NSW

Genesis Shepherds Bay, Meadowbank NSW
Reliable and efficient products with structural integrity

Our customer says... Peace-of-mind with time saving efficiencies “This was our second, consecutive multi-storey project using afs logicwall® and rediwall® walling solutions. These systems allowed us to deliver a structurally solid concrete...
Rediwall®: 2,841 m2 | Logicwall®: 2,503 m2 | Units: 58 | Storeys: 8
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Date added: 01/10/2019
State: NSW

The Grace, Hornsby NSW
Builder measures success in metres

Our customer says... Project after project proves the point “AFS Logicwall® and Rediwall® have been our preferred walling solutions in projects for many years. For this one, we used rediwall® throughout the basement as the pvc-quality finish...
Rediwall®: 2,950 m2 | Logicwall®: 7,310 m2 | Units: 152 | Storeys: 6
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Date added: 04/09/2019
State: NSW

153 Parramatta Road, Homebush NSW
Quick completion and a first class finish

Our customer says... We expected a lot—and got even more “We were looking for a load bearing wall solution that could speed up construction times whilst maintaining our high construction standards. After reviewing the options, we decided to...
Rediwall®: 336 m2 | Logicwall®: 9,829 m2 | Units: 74 | Storeys: 13
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Date added: 10/07/2019
State: NSW

88 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW
Many, many walls with a lot less cranage

Our customer says... A reputation as solid as the walls “TQM Design & Construct’s 20-year reputation for meeting deadlines, budgets and the highest quality saw them selected to construct Luxcon Group’s largest (to date) multi-residential...
Rediwall®: 792 m2 | Logicwall®: 8,721 m2 | Units: 130 | Storeys: 9
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Date added: 05/06/2019
State: NSW

Kellyville NSW
Experts in townhouse solutions

Internal & external walls, party walls & stair cores The builder of the Gracetown project specified that all load-bearing and external walls had to be afs logicwall® as the speed of construction on other projects using logicwall® was...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 13,706 m2 | Units: 70 | Storeys: 2
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Date added: 06/05/2019
State: NSW

147 Liverpool Road, Burwood NSW
Twenty years later, there’s nothing better

Our customer says... ‘Its certification is our assurance’ "I have been designing with AFS walls for over 20 years and have been happy with the outcome. We have confidence in the afs logicwall® system and we get good support from the staff and...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 2,364 m2 | Units: 22 | Storeys: 6
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Date added: 03/04/2019
State: NSW

The Boulevarde Apartments, Dulwich Hill NSW
Convinced and converted

Our customer says... ‘shop drawing avoided potential issues’ "The architects specified afs logicwall® and, after our review of comparable products, it seemed the superior choice. From the shop drawing to installation and then concrete pouring...
Rediwall®: 627 m2 | Logicwall®: 2,012 m2 | Units: 21 | Storeys: 3
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Date added: 05/03/2019
State: QLD

Primrose Street, Sherwood QLD
Walling from basement to penthouse

A showcase project shows how it’s done The Indigo Building Group will not trade quality for speed (or anything else) but they are also focussed on efficiency so they choose AFS walling systems time and again. Renowned for projects that are above...
Rediwall®: 341 m2 | Logicwall®: 2,095 m2 | Units: 12 | Storeys: 5
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Date added: 06/02/2019
State: NSW

5 Epacris Avenue, Caringbah South NSW
Rediwall® at the core of townhouses

Builder attracted by others’ success with rediwall® Zedcon Projects are builders of quality, so while being ever alert to new building methods and materials, they want to see the proof before adopting any. The prevalence of rediwall® in their...
Rediwall®: 610 m2 | Logicwall®: 0 m2 | Units: 3 | Storeys: 2
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Date added: 06/11/2018
State: QLD

77 Jane Street, West End QLD
Landmark project uses benchmark walling

Bohemia built on a standard While this project’s builder was capable of any kind of construction, they were resolute on their choice of materials. It had to be ‘best-in-class’ and come from a supplier with a reputation equal to theirs. AFS...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 3,700 m2 | Units: 94 | Storeys: 8
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Date added: 02/10/2018
State: NSW

University of Sydney, Lismore Campus NSW
Educator learns the benefits of logicwall®

After 100+ years of building them, Woollam knows walls Few companies can claim a century, let alone 130 years, of delivering quality. Woollam Constructions’ committment to perfection has been (and remains) unwavering. This yardstick is also the...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 1,416 m2 | Units: 30 | Storeys: 3
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Date added: 29/06/2018
State: NSW

Powell Street, Tweed Heads NSW
Blue chip attraction for Golden Blue

Apartments built on reputation and add to another one Golden Blue Developments were determined to establish 2 Powell Street as a benchmark apartment block. And they knew that if nothing was to be short of perfect they couldn’t opt for less than...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 1,635 m2 | Units: 6 | Storeys: 6 + 1
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Date added: 31/05/2018
State: NSW

Adderton Road, Carlingford NSW
Two systems, double the applications

Above and below ground solutions The Rockform Group have a reputation for installing high quality walling systems and the Carlingford project is testament to their capabilities. However, they quickly nominate the afs logicwall® and afs rediwall®...
Rediwall®: 1,358 m2 | Logicwall®: 4,514 m2 | Units: 2 | Storeys: 5 + 1
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Date added: 30/04/2018
State: QLD

Primrose Street, Sherwood QLD
Can’t go back to blockwork

Perfection starts with the materials they use Indigo Building Group guarantees their projects will be of the highest construction quality by insisting on doing the building ‘in house’. And, being professional purists they look for building...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 2,285 m2 | Units: 22 | Storeys: 5
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Date added: 26/02/2018
State: QLD

Regina Street, Greenslopes QLD
blockwork too big a road-block

Open-door approach to better walls Central to the RGD Group’s success is a continual re-evaluation of the processes, methods and building materials it uses. Greenslopes showed just how beneficial this improvement-ethos can be with them opting for...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 1,224 m2 | Units: 61 | Storeys: 7+3
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Date added: 29/09/2017
State: NSW

Smith Street, Ryde NSW
afs rediwall® above & below ground

In building these architecturally designed, boutique apartments Lightning Constructions were determined to both deliver on time (or earlier) without sacrificing quality. After researching their options, they identified that afs rediwall® would be...
Rediwall®: 3,900 m2 | Logicwall®: 0 m2 | Units: 35 | Storeys: 7+2
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Date added: 29/08/2017
State: QLD

Orion Apartments, Coorparoo QLD
Better walls = bigger floor space

Building offers 360° views and builder sees walls differently Engaged to construct one of Brisbane’s more prestigious apartment projects, Somer & Staff were also handed a challenging completion date. Fortunately they chose afs logicwall®...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 14,640 m2 | Units: 186 | Storeys: 12
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Date added: 04/08/2017
State: QLD

Wolsley Street, Woolloongabba QLD
Grey structure up 6 weeks early

Being even slightly ahead of schedule on a ‘multi-res’ is invaluable so imagine what it was worth to be nine weeks early. Having chosen afs logicwall®, the builder was delighted to see their grey structure go up six weeks quicker than...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 4,230 m2 | Units: 32 | Storeys: 12
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Date added: 28/06/2017

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