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With apartment and commercial building development demands rapidly expanding, it is becoming more important to make sure that construction deadlines are met and efficiency is maintained, whilst maintaining build quality. And minimising handling costs and site disruption is a bonus along with fast construction turnaround times, if you can achieve it. That’s why architects, engineers and builders and developers have chosen to utilise afs logicwall® and afs rediwall® in countless applications in thousands of projects across Australia. Take a look at just some of the projects that have chosen to partner with AFS. Or why not see what our customers had to say about their overall experience with utilising AFS on their projects.

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State: VIC

AFS Basements as seen on the Block
What lies beneath…

In 2021 The Block is going somewhere it has never been before – UNDERGROUND – with the help of AFS Rediwall® Construction at The Block building site always starts with a few surprises and this year was no different! In 2021, the renos began...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 0 m2 | Units: 0 | Storeys: 0
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Date added: 06/09/2021
AFS Project Power June 2016 image
State: VIC

Florentia Townhouses, Brunswick, VIC
Repeat-customer repeats success with LOGICWALL®

Experienced with AFS LOGICWALL®, Ausmet Developments knew the system was perfect for their Florentia Townhouses project. Being a small development it needed fast floor cycles and they certainly got that with just three months for completion....
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 1,117 m2 | Units: 9 | Storeys: 3
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Date added: 01/06/2016
State: VIC

The Pascoe, Pascoe Vale VIC
LOGICWALL® goes up while helping keep costs down

Regardless of how complex a project is, Better Living Group maintain the same attention to detail and quality. So they were thrilled with how AFS LOGICWALL® met their expectations while slashing construction times. They chose LOGICWALL® over...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 6,351 m2 | Units: 142 | Storeys: 3
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Date added: 01/05/2016
State: VIC

Campus Apartments, Clayton VIC
LOGICWALL® panels go up while cranage goes down

When you have a 50 year old reputation for excellence, you look for materials that equal your standards. Award-winning builder L.U. Simon found that ‘match’ with AFS LOGICWALL® when constructing the Campus apartments and townhouses. And...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 1,125 m2 | Units: 164 | Storeys: 4+1
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Date added: 01/04/2016
AFS Project Power October 2015 image
State: VIC

Luxton Apartments, Prahran VIC
LOGICWALL® helps construction get across the line on time

Hacer Group pride themselves on being a 'start to finish' builder so in choosing AFS LOGICWALL® for the first time they were relying on a new supplier to meet their needs for attention to detail, ease of installation, quality of finish and on-time...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 1,795 m2 | Units: 59 | Storeys: 6+2
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Date added: 01/10/2015
AFS Project Power September 2015 image
State: VIC

Hanover St, Oakleigh VIC
LOGICWALL® shows how quickly walls can go up so construction can go on

Verve Construction are known for adhering to budgets without surrendering quality or completion times. So, faced with a demanding floor-cycle of just seven days, they turned to AFS LOGICWALL® for their Oakleigh project. Crucial to completing...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 2,821 m2 | Units: 92 | Storeys: 8+3
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Date added: 01/09/2015
AFS Project Power April 2015 image
State: VIC

Estiva Apartments, Collingwood VIC
LOGICWALL® used to free up a highly restrictive city site

When Brayshaw Architects began work on Estiva they knew that this boutique laneway development would present challenges with access while still calling for the finest of finishes. They saw AFS LOGICWALL® as the solution to both demands. Roads...
Rediwall®: 0 m2 | Logicwall®: 1,394 m2 | Units: 14 | Storeys: 4+1
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Date added: 01/04/2015
State: VIC

Galleria Apartments, Hawthorn VIC

Date added: 01/09/2014
State: VIC

Cirrus Apartments, Doncaster VIC

Date added: 01/05/2014
State: VIC

Aura Apartments, Melbourne, VIC

Date added: 01/12/2013
State: VIC

Home@Northcote, Northcote, VIC

Date added: 01/07/2013

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