Construction Process

Build easily with AFS Rediwall® permanent PVC construction formwork

Strong, fast and ready

For architects, engineers, builders or developers, it is important to build client trust in today’s fast-moving construction industry by keeping costs down and meeting deadlines.

Prefabricated materials have helped erect buildings faster than ever. But even this solution comes with its handling costs, which can blow out a project’s budget with the need to use a tower crane just to lift the panels into place. However, with AFS Rediwall®, the permanent PVC construction formwork solution from AFS, you can save on handling costs, with lightweight panels that are easily lifted into place by hand and components that just either snap-in or slide together and lock into position.

Compliance Assured

Complying with strict building code standards is a must, both to instil confidence and forge your reputation as an architect, engineer or builder. You can be assured that rediwall® permanent formwork by AFS is CodeMark Certified and compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC) for added peace of mind. The rediwall® system has been CSIRO tested for smoke and fire rating as well as having been deemed water resistant. See our Compliance section  for further information.

The simple process


Floor track

Installation of rediwall® begins with the installation of the floor track or floor angle.


Panel installation

Installation of components usually starts at a corner. A corner unit connector is installed with a few panels and joiners which are erected at each side of the corner. The corner is then braced and checked to ensure that it is plumb prior to proceeding. These PVC construction formwork modules double as a mould for concrete core-filling and the final finish of the product.


One by one, easily

Installation proceeds along one wall to the next corner by vertically sliding (256mm panels) or horizontally snapping (110mm, 156mm and 200mm panels) the adjacent components together. The components are placed tight into the floor track or against the floor angle on the foundation or slab and are braced.



Rediwall® requires temporary bracing for lateral stability during the concrete core fill. Purpose-built, adjustable braces are available for purchase or hire from AFS.


Concrete core fill

After the installation process is complete and bracing is secured, the panels are then core filled with concrete, typically using a boom pump. The concrete mix must be as per AFS’ recommended Mix Design Specifications.

The concrete walls are now ready to perform as a load bearing structure for the next floor slab or roof structure.


Ready to shine – an already-finished substrate

The bright and clean surface of the rediwall® panels offers a serviceable, low maintenance finish that, for the majority of applications, does not require further treatment.

Build with rediwall® for success

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