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Design and build with afs rediwall®, the smarter PVC permanent formwork solution

As an architect or engineer, its important to choose construction materials that meet criteria for compliance, performance and design aesthetics whilst for the builder or developer it’s being able to build efficiently.

Rediwall® is able to meet each of these criteria all whilst saving on time and labour costs. Rediwall® is suited to a wide range of above and below ground applications including basements, blade walls, car parks, retention and detention tanks, service and stormwater pits as well as party walls, columns and retaining walls. It’s a truly versatile solution.

Performance overview

With continuous vertical and horizontal reinforcement, rediwall®, as a concrete formwork, achieves outstanding structural capacity. It’s polymer-based casing creates a durable, compliant and water resistant wall surface which contributes to the overall longevity of the structure.

AFS Rediwall® is CodeMark Certified and has been issued a detailed Certificate of Conformity for meeting the ‘evidence of suitability’ requirements of the NCC (National Construction Code) or BCA (Building Code of Australia). AFS Rediwall® CodeMark Certification confirms:

• Fire resistance
• Structural stability (AS3600)
• Thermal and acoustic
• Weatherproofing
• Bushfire provision (BAL)
• Termite resistance

Compliance & Certification
See our Compliance section for further information.

System Specification Finder

With architects, engineers and builders top-of-mind we’ve created our System Specification Finder that’s a tool that lets you search the most suitable systems for your projects. The quick and easy-to use tool will provide you with a range of system options, drawings, documentation and performance data all within a few simple clicks – try it out.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of those using and designing with AFS Systems such as logicwall ® and rediwall ®, including but not limited to builders, designers, consultants and engineers to ensure that the use/application of product is compliant with all relevant National Construction Code (NCC), Standards and local Authorities having jurisdiction requirements such as, but not limited to structural adequacy, acoustic, fire resistance / combustibility, thermal, and weather tightness provisions. Contact the AFS Design Team should you require further clarification.


Largest range of profile sizes on the market


The PVC Stewardship Program (administered by the Vinyl Council of Australia and independently audited) is an on-going, long-term, voluntary undertaking by the Australian PVC industry to recognise and progressively address, relevant environmental, health and safety issues along the PVC product life-cycle within responsible, deliverable timeframes. AFS has achieved Silver Status in this program, which focusses on five key themes associated with the PVC life-cycle:

• Best practice manufacturing
• Safe and sustainable use of additives
• Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management
• Resource efficiency
• Transparency and engagement

As a signatory to the stewardship program AFS is committed to the manufacture and supply of sustainable solutions to the building industry in an environmentally responsible manner.

110mm rediwall®

156mm rediwall®

200mm rediwall®

256mm rediwall®

275mm rediwall®

300mm rediwall®

Introducing the revolutionary
new Ezy-Fit™ Corner

The Ezy-Fit™ open-back corner gives unobstructed access for trouble-free installation of reinforcement bars. Certifying engineers simply remove the cap to approve placement prior to pouring concrete—that’s not possible with conventional systems.

The Ezy-Fit corner is currently available for our 110mm, 156mm and 200mm panels.


Design and specify Accessories

Ezy-Fit™ Corners*

A three piece PVC panel that forms a corner between walls meeting at 90 degrees. Designed to allow for removal of the outside 90 degree corner cap for easy placement and inspection of internal reinforcement. Cap is refitted for concrete filling. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system. *Not available for 256mm.


An extruded PVC panel used to adjust the length of a wall. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system. Used primarily close to the closure of a wall. Has two internal webs with kidney shaped holes for single, or double reo bar placement by inverting the panel.

Male/Female Joiners

Male-to-male connection for joining two female ends, particularly useful at a 90 degree corner. Recommended you order one for each 90 degree corner. Female-to-female connection for joining two male ends, particularly useful at a 90 degree corner. Recommended you order one for each 90 degree corner.


A slide together PVC extruded panel primarily used horizontally on external walls where it is laid along the straightened top of panels to act as a bottom track for the next level of panels. Also used vertically as a wall make-up piece. Can be slid into a gap in the wall of 50mm or less and screw fixed to adjoining panels.


A slide together PVC extruded panel primarily used horizontally on external walls where an edge-form slab is to be formed. It is laid along the straightened top of the panels to act as a bottom track for the next level of panels and to assist with the edge-form preparation.


A PVC extruded panel that is fixed vertically to the face of a through wall to start a T-Wall, where the T-Wall is close to 90 degrees. Has holes in its face to assist alignment when drilling the through wall for reo bar placement. Adjoining panels are fitted using the male to female clip-in system.

Floor Track

The PVC track used to set the bottom line of the wall. Laid flat, the floor track has large holes for starter bars, etc. The sides are for both locating the panels and for screw fixing to the bottom of the panels.

End Caps

For capping off wall ends and openings. A slide on connection with a 30mm side for fixing with screws or glue. Can be installed before or after the wall is filled. Must be propped when filling, if a flat end is required.

Design resources

AFS have prepared a comprehensive collection of resources to help you design with rediwall®. If you are an architect, engineer or builder, these resources contain all of the technical information required for designing with rediwall® as a main construction component. They include:  
Architectural features A cost efficient alternative to conventional construction such as precast, tilt-up and concrete block walls. Prepared to order and assembled on site, the modular components facilitate rapid construction and can include built-in insulation. Thanks to rediwall®‘s innovative and lightweight design, labour and finishing costs are greatly reduced. The system is also pest-resistant and features superior sound and thermal insulating properties. Additional savings come from reduced construction schedules, earlier occupancy, energy efficiencies and maintenance- free environments.

Build it with rediwall®
To enquire further about the design flexibility of rediwall®, contact AFS today.

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