AFS Rediwall® permanent formwork wall installation

Rediwall® is a simple easy-to-use system with precision extruded components that either snap in or slide into place for rapid assembly. So easy is the system to use that installation can be undertaken without the need for any training.

However, should the need arise, our recommended rediwall® installers and formworkers include:

Installers NSW

Installers NSW

Installers NSW

Installers Wollongong & South Coast

Installers QLD

Formworkers NSW


A simple installation process


Assembly begins with laying a floor track or angle, typically fastened to the slab or footing with masonry anchors or nail gun.


Rediwall® requires temporary support for lateral stability during the concrete core fill.

Core filling

With the panels completed and braced, core filling can commence (typically using a boom pump).

A perfect finish

Smooth and clean, a rediwall® surface needs no further finishing but can be rendered or painted as required.

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