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Compliance & Certifications

AFS Logicwall®: CodeMark Certified. AFS Rediwall®: built to comply

Logicwall® and rediwall® permanent formwork systems have passed all Australian compliance regulations. So whether you’re an architect, engineer or builder, you can rest assured that logicwall® (CodeMark Certified) and rediwall® tick all the boxes.

Tested by recognised peak bodies of the Australian building industry, AFS products are certified as compliant with all criteria required that indicate resistance to building and land stresses, heat, fire, water and wind.

And for added peace of mind logicwall® is CodeMark Certified reinforcing that logicwall® complies with the National Construction Code (NCC) and AS3600-2009 (Concrete Structures) and evidences its suitability for use in the design of a concrete structure.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of those using and designing with AFS Systems such as logicwall® and rediwall®, including but not limited to builders, designers, consultants and engineers to ensure that the use of product is compliant with all relevant National Construction Code (NCC), Standards and local Authorities having jurisdiction requirements such as, but no limited to structural adequacy, acoustic, fire resistance / combustibility, thermal, and weather tightness provisions.

The certified permanent formwork solution

AFS Logicwall® Certifications

Permanent formwork must perform a lifelong role in a building’s structure, so AFS manufactures logicwall® to ensure it passes the most rigorous industry tests. Logicwall® is fully compliant and has achieved certification in relation to its acoustic performance.



CodeMark Certificate of Conformity

Performance: Acoustics

External Acoustic Performance Assessment
External Acoustic Performance Assessment Part A
External Acoustic Performance Assessment Part B

Performance: Fire

External Test Results
External Expert Opinion
AFS Logicwall® CSIRO Fire Test Certificate FRL120
AFS Logicwall® CSIRO Fire Test Certificate FRL150

AFS Logicwall® Compliance

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to research and development coupled with rigorous testing procedures we invite you to view our comprehensive compliance reports in which independent experts confirm logicwall® complies with Australian Standard AS3600-2009 (concrete structures), the Building Code of Australia.



AFS Logicwall® Evidence of Suitability (Part 1)
AFS Logicwall® Evidence of Suitability (Part 2)


UNSW Report
BBA British Board of Agrément Report
Dr Bijan Samali Opinion – AFS Logicwall®
AFS/CSR Clarification Dr Samali – AFS Logicwall®


External Expert Opinion Summary
Internal Durability Report


External Test Results
External Determination of FRL
AFS Logicwall® CSIRO Fire Test Certificate FRL120
AFS Logicwall® CSIRO Fire Test Certificiate FRL150

Mould & Mildew

Supplier Performance Statement


University of Canterbury NZ Earthquake Test Report


Weatherproofing Verification

AFS Rediwall® Certifications

Rediwall® is subjected to ongoing independent testing and has achieved water, heat and smoke certification.



AFS Rediwall® CSIRO 150mm FRL Certificate
AFS Rediwall® CSIRO 200mm FRL Certificate


AFS Rediwall® Non-combustibility Assessment Summary


AFS Rediwall® CSIRO Heat & Smoke Release Rates
AFS Rediwall® AWTA Canadian Smoke Test Results


AFS Rediwall® CSIRO Resistance to Water Penetration

Call for formwork compliance info

AFS’ knowledgeable consultants are only too happy to answer any questions about the compatibility of logicwall® or rediwall® with your project. For compliance or compatibility questions, you can contact AFS today.

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