Brunker Road, Potts Hill NSW

Masterplanned community was a masterpiece of construction

Location NSW
Type Multi-Residential
Products AFS Logicwall®
Builder / Installer

Rediwall® 0 m²

Logicwall® 12000 m²







JSN Hanna have an enviable reputation for quality and they knew that using afs logicwall® would help maintain it in their Potts Hill project. There were no compromises in the designing of the five apartment blocks so there could be none in their construction either.

afs logicwall® proved to be the correct choice as it allowed “lot more product to go up a lot quicker” without sacrificing quality because the “finishes were unsurpassed when compared to brickwork or cement render”.

Don’t just take our word for it

“We contacted AFS and came to an agreement very quickly. Within about 2 weeks we had shop drawings, within another 3 weeks we had panels on-site and then, unbelievably, we put up some 12,000m2 in around 13 weeks. I don’t think anyone would have been able to do that”. Edward Hanna, Managing Director JSN HANNA.

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