Kellyville NSW

Experts in townhouse solutions

Location NSW
Type Multi-Residential
Products AFS Logicwall®
Builder / Installer

Rediwall® 0 m²

Logicwall® 13706 m²







Internal & external walls, party walls & stair cores

The builder of the Gracetown project specified that all load-bearing and external walls had to be afs logicwall® as the speed of construction on other projects using afs logicwall® was outstanding.

Chief among the benefits of using logicwall® are the solid concrete walls and acoustic performance—essential for party walls between townhouses. And this solidity (with its resultant security and longevity) offers a substantial advantage over neighbouring townhouses and their light-weight plasterboard walls.

Importantly, afs logicwall® panel thicknesses maximised liveable space and every one’s peace of mind was assured with CodeMark certification and AS3600 compliance.

Installation was another area where afs logicwall® excelled: just three months to install 13,706m2 of logicwall® (October 2017 to mid-January 2018).

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