Powell Street, Tweed Heads NSW

Blue chip attraction for Golden Blue

Location NSW
Type Multi-Residential
Products AFS Logicwall®
Builder / Installer

Rediwall® 0 m²

Logicwall® 1635 m²




6 + 1



Apartments built on reputation and add to another one
Golden Blue Developments were determined to establish 2 Powell Street as a benchmark apartment block. And they knew that if nothing was to be short of perfect they couldn’t opt for less than the best in building materials and construction methods. Their choice of walling became an easy one: AFS Logicwall® has been installed in the millions of metres, in thousands of projects.

Our customer says…

Pinpoint accuracy helps deliver perfection
“Primary amongst our choice of the AFS Logicwall® was its shop-drawn accuracy. This, combined with each panel being labelled, meant they arrived ready for fault-free installation. And importantly, once set and painted this system maximises floor space for buyers.
With AFS being part of the CSR group, we were reassured by the knowledge AFS Logicwall® has been used nationwide and is backed by an Australian leader in building materials.’’ Terry Doyle, Director, Golden Blue Developments

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