Quest Hotel, Eight Miles Plains QLD

blockwork too heavy and slow

Location QLD
Type Multi-Residential
Products AFS Logicwall®
Builder / Installer

afs rediwall® 0 m²

afs logicwall® 4435 m²







A builder willing to accommodate a change
After some 300 commercial projects, Graystone is adept at meeting completions and budgets. So, when it chooses a new supplier and construction method it’s obviously one that stacks up.

Our customer says…

“afs logicwall® means lighter loads and less lifts
We chose the afs logicwall® system for its speed of construction and the substantial advantage of it being a finished wall once set and painted. Once on site it was installed extremely quickly by the AFS-recommended installers—saving us considerable time.

Having always been a conventional block builder, this project’s program presented a challenge but using afs logicwall® meant reduced lifts of block, sand and cement. Amazingly, we needed only mobile cranes due to there being just three lifts per floor, including the steel for afs logicwall®. And the unloading of waste was also exceptionally easy.

We were really impressed with both afs logicwall® and the AFS team’s support, so much so that we’ll enjoy working with them again.’’ Clint Bellany, Project Manager, Graystone Constructions

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