Stella Apartments, Success WA

Detailed and delivered to do-away with delays

Location WA
Type Multi-Residential
Products AFS Logicwall®
Builder / Installer

Rediwall® 0 m²

Logicwall® 47,000 m²







Stella is a multi-building, multi-storeyed development built over three stages by Goodland. This award winning builder knows that construction-efficiencies are central to staying on time and on budget, so they chose afs logicwall®.

Sized to shop-drawn specifications, the afs logicwall® panels were then detailed and delivered sequentially to avoid downtime and waste. This also helped prevent the expensive ‘lags’ between installing structural elements and commencing fit-outs.

Don’t just take our word for it

“We used afs logicwall® to enhance the efficiency of our construction. It allowed a faster installation time and the merging of structural elements with finishing trades. Our steel roof installation was able to commence just one day after we poured the walls. And afs logicwall® gave us a much more flexible anchoring layout than traditional masonry.” IAN MCGIVERN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, GOODLAND BUILDING COMPANY.

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