Adderton Road, Carlingford NSW
Two systems, double the applications

State: NSW

Above and below ground solutions
The Rockform Group have a reputation for installing high quality walling systems and the Carlingford project is testament to their capabilities. However, they quickly nominate the afs logicwall® and afs rediwall® systems as being integral to the project’s success, particularly in having one supplier able to solve above and below ground applications.

Our customer says…

Having two walling systems
“Both wall systems proved to be of great benefit to our project. The accuracy of logicwall® and the versatility of rediwall® allowed us to achieve good results for every wall application. They were both easy to handle and quick to install, helping us achieve faster completions. And of course, they met our fire and acoustic requirements.’’ Louie Takchi, Project Manager, Rockform Developments

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