Orion Apartments, Coorparoo QLD

Better walls = bigger floor space

Location QLD
Type Multi-Residential
Products AFS Logicwall®
Builder / Installer

Rediwall® 0 m²

Logicwall® 14640 m²







Building offers 360° views and builder sees walls differently
Engaged to construct one of Brisbane’s more prestigious apartment projects, Somer & Staff were also handed a challenging completion date. Fortunately they chose afs logicwall® and were rewarded with substantial savings in floor-cycles and developer-pleasing increases in living space.

Our customer says…

“Needing an alternative structural option to meet a tight target program, we sought advice from one of AFS’ team of in-house engineers in comparing blade walls against conventional labour-intensive columns.
The afs logicwall® system proved superior structurally and reduced floor-to-floor cycles by 8 days per floor. And in using afs logicwall® blades our lightweight infill walls could be thinner so the developer got more saleable floor space. Additionally, being shopdrawn, the AFS system greatly reduced on site waste.
The AFS team provided the complete package and we will enjoy working with them across future projects.’’ Dan Burley, Director, Somer & Staff

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